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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

Originally Posted by Curative View Post
Keeping it simple and speaking from the heart to the heart seems too get the message across more effectively, IMO. .... I think a more basic approach with a summarized explanation of "what It's about" may well encourage more active participation in newer seekers of spiritual enlightenment. Like me.
I think that's the way I, and others, used to be back when I used to do a lot of talking circles. Less jokes, more substance.

Re a summarized explanation of what it's all about. It's happening right now; ie what this is all about - encouraging people to speak their truths and hear others do the same - is developing right now. For instance, last night and today I am remembering a lot of what I learned in talking circles (a long time ago).

But, here's a point, if all of us look at the experiences we have had up to now, and what we have learned, perhaps now is the time to weld these things into a new way forward. Yes? This is on the understanding that, one way or another, we have been led to experience things during our life which have meaning and purpose. Both the good experiences and the bad ones.

Perhaps indeed: Now is the time.

This may be close to a summarized explanation:

The Purpose of Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

The Purpose of gathering at special sites is to empower people by meeting like-minded people who also urgently want to change the world for the better. When we know others think and feel the same things we do, we are empowered. We know we are normal, and we know there are more of us. These gatherings are to help you make links with other people, and links to small and large networks and groups of people. We are going to express ourselves, hear others, connect with others, and feel and know the world is changing as we do this. When our personal world changes, the world also changes; when we change, we become different people and we can do different things. Let's make it happen. Let's go. You can start in your garden, a friend's garden, a local park, or sacred site at the Equinox: 20th March 2010. The next date will be the Solstice: 21st June 2010. Then 23rd September 2010 (Equinox); and 21st December 2010 (Solstice). Finally - for 2010 - New Year's Eve: 31st December 2010.


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