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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

Hi Guys, interesting stuff.

You both come across as spiritually centered people, an area I have yet to immerse myself in, mainly due to an overwhelming amount of varying and sometimes contradictory material which I have sampled over the years.

Keeping it simple and speaking from the heart to the heart seems too get the message across more effectively, IMO.

I think a more basic approach with a summarized explanation of "what It's about" may well encourage more active participation in newer seekers of spiritual enlightenment. Like me.

Good first vid' Susan, only suggestion I can think of is that you type out (on your screen) the main points of your presentation and use it as your teleprompter. Not that you seemed wanting in anything, well, other than some slight hand to camera coordination and a slightly shorter fringe.

Maybe do a short series on spiritual ABC's, from your perspective? I'll watch.
Have you tried "sun gazing" for eyesight repair?
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