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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

it is NOT easy to do, talking to a blue light on your computer LOL

perhaps, some people might have some good suggestions for me

would surely appreciate that ~ thank you

in fact, we think, it would be great, if more people could make videos

and, then, go out with them - full force to this world

they would be very surprised - what is lurking at my home

(as, for the dark entities; people have been seeing)

they are NOT me, those things, do show up, to stop people

(however, one of my favourite people in the world,
Lynard Bluewolf, called me tonight
- said to me, you have spent many many moons preparing yourself,
you are ready, and, those dark entities,
that, people are seeing, are NOT you,
but, BEINGs THAT WOULD love to take you down,
or, take others down...
The good news, is this, they will NOT succeed.
You are a profound, and, highly skilled healer,
from a spiritual point of view, and, as such, it is your time,
to shine it out there...its time

and, yup, it is time, for many of us

let's go !!!
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