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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
yes, at the 1st toronto gathering, we passed my 'talking stick'
and, it was most enjoyable
Well done !

I haven't really passed the Talking Stick for a very long time... around about sixteen years. And during that time I have been through 'hell and high water'.... and heaven. I think the world is in 'hell and high water' right now, and what's been bothering me today is a lot of the people (I've just moved to a new area) who come to the talking circle on Saturday might be people who are not really aware of the state of the world. I've suffered constant very bad attack for loads of years and I'm really exhausted.... and I don't want to have to lead the way yet again.... and have people stare at me like I'm some strange programme on their TV set.

But, I just remembered tonight, I can do what I used to do in the old days when I felt very, very easy with talking circles: Just speak my truth. And that's great. I don't have to be in any particular mode, present any type of image, or state any particular thing. I may say, if I feel to: "I'm too exhausted to speak."

Or not even speak, and just hold the talking stick.

If I sit back, and study what others say, I might find a lead which leads me on.


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