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Default Re: Aspartame Re Branded AminoSweet

Hello Gareth and thanks for this very important information! I’ve been trying to warn as many people as possible about this “sweet poison “. Like with many other things “in question” nowadays, it appears that some people care a lot, some are a kind of negligent, or simply put- some folks just don’t care much.
However, there are more and more people refusing to get allured into the "sugary - toxicity" of profitable corporate world.
Isn’t it just terrible when desperate diabetic patients reach out for all kinds of “sugar free” products?!
Just to remind us all of the dangerous consequences in regards to the constant exposure to aspartame and alike, here is an interesting link that sums it all ...
Stay watchful friends ... in peace, love and respect towards each other, our Blue Planet and Universe.

WARNING - Other names for aspartame are: NutraSweeet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal–Measure and now we got tha latest - Amino Sweet!!! Maybe there are some more and if so, please let us know! By the way - all those names sound so “innocent” don’t they?! The good news is - we know which way the game goes ...

in Lve and Light
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