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Default Re: would a republic help us ?

Originally Posted by atama View Post
our motherland?

"this is a pretty racist statement you have made here. are you saying the third world people are less intelligent than you are?"

"hang on a sec.... Baron ? motherland? are you a neo nazi or something?

Not sure what you are alluding too?

Define Neo Nazi? You should have been able to tell that's not my philosophy from my post...But because you found the post over baring, you focused in on what you perceived to be a negative blow and insult to me, with the Anti- and race card.

Now lets define Neo Nazi for you. A "Neo Nazi" is somebody who supports National Socialism. So on that count from me NO...I'm against all forms of stealth wealth stealing from the individual. Perhaps you define somebody a Neo Nazi, who dresses like a thug with lots of tattoo's etc, and likes to parade around causing violence and bathes in their own hate.
A bit like you who hates the Queen? Again the answer is NO.

You see I'm not in any one's dogma, I only look at the facts and the truth.

Multi-culture is a misnomer it does not exist, except in the minds of those who see themselves equal when they are not, and the cowering PC obsequious do gooders, both using our wealth and spirituality to do us in. Homogenized soup of decay leaves no culture just a bad mess when just a little too much of an organism gets into the mix.

You cannot let in a mass lower intelligent and often violent (reptilian brain) war like mentality people on the local populace, into a first world nation without that nation turning into a hell hole. Its hard enough when its the other way around!

There are always exceptions to this rule, and respect for the individual is the only way that serves and protects each other.

As much as the truth is sometimes painful the truth is still the truth.

I'm not wavering from hard facts and possible false insults, just because some people want to see blues sky's when the floor is caving in, as is the roof.


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