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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

It's my feeling that the entities/ET's/IT's etc; are the *Gods*(meaning they posed as God and people fell for this deception) who came to earth eons ago- spiritually misaligned peoples......and they have inflicted their will on the populace- only by raising our core vibratory levels do we have means to change this all around and I feel Beren is correct in that just using the name of Jesus may backfire due to intent etc; if the entities know one is just throwing that name around- they are likely to catch on as Beren said.

However there is a chapter in Jim Spark's book which talks about a police officer trying to help Jim by using Jesus and it did not work.

Also Betty Andreasson was a devout Christian.

Not saying it doesn't work- I have no experience with it- I'm paralyzed and can say nothing.
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