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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Originally Posted by jross View Post
I also know of a guy who was having trouble with a naughty entity...he tried lots of things to banish "it" from his home. In the end he said:

IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, LEAVE THIS PLACE!! he had no further trouble.

So in using his name, for him it worked!

peace always

That is very good to know!
However I want to make a point here, by saying that what the person said above is looking like a throwing spells on that entity.
What I meant is that we should not use Jesus`s name like a magic thing or you know if nothing else worked then I have a final solution-IN THE NAME OF CHRIST BUZZ OFF!!!

I think the key point is that we should know Christ as a person and get to know him deeply. Get to know God ,his father deeply... Only then those entities would definitely flee. Well Jesus `s name really helps but what happens tomorrow? If you do not wish to listen Jesus`s advices or be close to him and God what is then your true stand? I mean you do what you wish, you play with fire (spiritism,occult ,and all rest in "light" form) and then when you`ve been attacked you cry Jesus HELP ME !!!

I am afraid it does not works like that. People can not fool other people and other people very quickly see them through and shun them. Do you think that Jesus and God would not see when someone is not serious when asking help?
Yes they will help MANY times but do not be surprised that one day a help IS not there because someone who asked help was fooling around with all mentioned above without a desire to really know what is really happening and who`s been attacking them.

We often forgot that when we ask for help from God and Christ ,from whom do we ask that help . God and Christ can not be mocked around . They are not there living 24/7 just in order to instantly send their angles to help "poor" us! So meanwhile we can do as we please. I mean sure we can do all that we please but with our deeds comes responsibility . It means if we play with spiritism surely we will invoke entities and they are evil! God will help us many times in that things but there is a line in that. How many times do we need to play with fire so that we can finally learn not to???

On the other hand the things that M1 is living all days is something very heavy. I can not tell why exactly they are attacking him because they would find a slightest reason to attack somebody.
They would lean on to somebody and will be especially furious when that somebody is searching help from God and Christ as M1 do.

Be strong and always ask guidance and God`s help. This is war my friend and in war against this enemy, there is no mercy ! We will not have mercy for them as they have no mercy for us. We have King of Kings and Lord of Lords a name that has been lifted above any other name but God`s own and he is our helper with holy spirit too.
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