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Default Re: The greate deception (Video Vision)

Hi there, yes it's pretty confusing sometimes, to discern in this field of knowledge, true! As far as I am informed there's more to the Orion story then meets the eye There seems to be a supportive group too overthere,
it's not all criminals and power greedy beings, I get the impression. The Dogon know their creation story, originating in the Orion belt, the Dog star Sirius to be precise. I think it's helpful to realise that we ourselves are able to shape our reality and that we are capable of creation and consciousness in a far more advanced way as most of the technical and trade/power oriented ET's. For most ET's that are interested in this planet, it's about resources, simply trading as a means for survival, so far as I am informed. It's not all about spiritual matters and ascension, in these circles. Maybe you will find inspiration in the ebook Allies of Humanity through Scribd.
Thanks and enjoy your Easter!
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