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Default Re: China's Showdown with America

Well I'm trying to think of a Walmart without Chinese products...

I can't even imagine shutting off that valve of imports for even a month, but if Obama wants to put Americans back to work this will be a quick way to do it.

same thing with Brazil why produce what you can buy for cheaper from China?

The problem is, China is keeping the true value of their currency low if it went to actual value their products wouldn't be so cheap.

I traveled Brazil for 3 months and had a blast the people treated me like a King wherever I went. It really didn't matter I was an American as much as I wondered around in amazement at everything Brazil offered with a big ol smile for everyone I met.

I look Brazilian I can't tell you how many times people walked up and started asking me for directions...

There is an enormous workforce in all the countries mentioned looking for the day there are enough jobs for all of them, this move could instantly ignite it into action.

What this article says is very true China is on a dive and will be hurting worse than the US instantly if their currency is revalued.

The middle class in India is larger than the total population of the US. China has more honor students than the US has total number of students...

China will not be looking at a war with the US if this happens, if they turn upside down over night they will be busy just trying to control their own population...

the robotics are already available that plants can be built that put out far more than possible with cheap labor. A new industrial age will happen over night and the power China has had offering cheap exports will be over.

The window of opportunity will close and they will have a 50% unemployment rate to deal with.

America's currency has already devalued to the point our exports will be cheaper than China...

no, what is coming is going to be very interesting to watch as it develops.
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