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Cool Re: July 15th = Date For Rosetta Stone Crop Formation

[QUOTE=tone3jaguar;151011]This message is being posted on July 10, 2009.

I have just asked my contact with the GFL when the circle makers will make a formation that will enable us to read the glyphs that are a part of the late June crop formations. They say that it will come down starting on July 15th. It will come in 4 stages. The stages will be as follows...

1st Stage: July 15th 2009
2nd Stage: July 19th 2009
3rd Stage: July 23rd 2009
4th Stage: July 25th 2009

I asked how large it will be after all 4 stages have been completed in comparison to the Milk Hill formation. They tell me that it will be 3-4 times as large as that formation was.

I have also found out that the circle makers are actually 5th density positive ET's. They are not using technology to make them. They are using thought forms.

This data was attained via pendulum dowsing.[/QUOTE

How reliable is your pendulum dowsing?
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