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Default CERN Collider's current misconception - not 'safe' yet.

So, they switched it on, nothing happened, and everyone says "That's that, forget about the danger..."
BUT, they've called it prematurely.

Not that I think there is a real danger, but I, as everyone else, can't be totally sure yet.

The point of the experiment is to collide two particles together. It's that collision which will theoretically cause the possible black holes to occur, and that had everybody concerned.

However, yes, the machine was turned on last week, but the actual collisions aren't scheduled to occur until next week.

Plus the whole thing is down for maintenance at the moment, since it's magnets overheated.

So, whatever people were concerned about before, they theoretically should still be...
I'm not trying to scare monger here, but it's annoying to see the media's misunderstandings be spread as facts like they are, as usual.
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