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Default Re: Dan Burisch's Site

I just saw that too!

A wee bit disturbing.

I just did some Reverse Speech last week and among other "disturbing" material, "August your birth... It's a beast" came through.

When I saw that on the site just moments ago it struck me hard. I don't have a clue consciously what it may mean. But the connection is uncanny! There is much more material I have that I don't understand at all. If anyone out there knows much about Reverse Speech and how to interpret it I would much appreciate some help. Most of the material was very negative and scary. Seemed to have nothing to do with the subject matter I was searching for. It does however reflect on subject matter I've been researching lately in my truth of our situation. I wonder if it was more a group consciosness coming through my reverse. Anyway, perplexing to say the least.

I look forward to their update. Will they take the challenge?


By the way, my birth was in June.

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