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I hear you David.

You are saying that through logic, the likeness of a person having all the information he needs is unlikely, and I understand quite well why it may seem so. On the other hand, if we are to stand by logic, and empirical thinking, the likeness of life having appeared from inanimate matter to evolve into advanced thinking monkeys on a planet is even less.

Your example of a person needing information about what to eat and what not to eat is a good example.
What you are describing is exactly the predicament of the human race since the beginning of the last cycle.
This said, it does not mean that this is a normal condition.
But, obviously, since we are forced to reflect upon our memory, being cut off from our reality, we had to develop an intellect to overcome threats to the physical body.
That was the purpose of this last cycle.

The next cycle will not work on those same foundations.
If we are to climb a latter, the steps must be left behind.
But man won't let the step willingly, because he feels secure on it.
So, the step will be removed from under his feet.

People are starting to feel the pressure of this coming. This is why a site like this one exists. It was brought about by the sensitivity of the creators of the site.

You say:
"So, while I see your point about not believing anything, how is that possible? I do not see how someone can make hardly any decisions without some belief."

On the contrary. Consider a moment your previous example on finding the right mushroom in the woods.
You can have the correct information or you can believe you have the correct information.

Knowing is not believing. But to not believe is not to deny.
Like atheous people like to say they don't believe in this or that. Matter of the fact is not that they do not believe, it is rather that they believe the opposite. They don't know anymore than the believers they scorn.

About trust.
You have no choice but to trust in your vibration. Because in the end, we always are exactly where we are supposed to be. There is no error in the plan that you even made before incarnating.
But the memory of the fact is absent.
Like the sleeper has forgotten his woken reality and the awoken as forgotten his night life.

So, those decisions already are part of the plan as they come, not from the material environment, but from another plane that supports the mind while it hides its reality. All this to force upon the strenghtening of the intellect at the expense of the individual's ability to support stress and pain.

I do not believe in free will.

The awareness of the decision process is not only valuable but is ultimately the answer to man's unanswered questions. Yes.

The more you find strenght and center within your own self, the less you need to believe.

Believe what? What for? Hell, I should not even believe what I am saying for instance.

See what I mean?

Belief is the door through which certain forces make their way to endoctrinate, unknown of the thinker.

Yes, this is a very interesting discussion.
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