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Discernment is the first step toward lucidity.

But discernment can hardly be attained when someone wishes to believe anything. This gives the facto the upper hand to forces that interact with human consciousness in ways that cannot be thought.

Man hardly understands the visible spectrum of his consciousness, yet he longs for information from the invisible, information that he is in no position to validate because he is caught on the wrong side of the fence.

Nothing should be believed. I am not saying that nothing should be considered. It is not the same thing at all. But nothing should be believed that comes from the invisible.

Humanity has no clue as to how much it is being manipulated. It seeks manipulation on an horizontal level, here in matter, but somehow is extremely willing to take at face value everything that is transmitted from other planes of reality.

Let me put it this way.

If the invisible had been 'truthful' over the aeons, man would not be where he is today and people would have quit searching long ago. Involution (or devolution if you prefer) would have been over and he would be beyond evolution already.

And this is the most dire peril that humanity is facing today as he has in the past, and that is the ignorance of the actual agenda that forces he cannot identify absolutely, the ignorance of what the agenda of those forces actually is.

There is a lack of identity, of a real identity, that seeks to be filled with a sense of reality within man. This is what makes him seek outside of himself what he believes to be missing within. He looks for models, he looks for enlightenment, he seeks to spiritualize even more the fabric of his soul, at the expense of his spirit.

This craving supports the need to believe in something that goes beyond the limits of thoughts and he is served with lies on a cold plate.

Discernment does not consist in finding truths but rather in seeing when we are lied to.

If when we bring our kids up we taught them to detect lies where they hide, they would not need truth. They would rather see clearly.

The problem is not with truths, the problem is with lies. And the fabric, the foundation of this civilization, is built upon a fundamental lie. Not a lie in the Judeo-Christian sense of the term but a withholding of information that if it were to be lifted would instantaneously destroy a civilization that was set up as an experimental environment.

And this lie is embedded within the thought process.

The hierarchies that are responsible for the creation of the physical body, then the hierarchies that led the infusions in those bodies were also responsible for setting up what is to them fail-safe systems to effectively quarrantine the mind and force an experimental mental frame that we take for consciousness.

Material that comes to an individual while these conditions have not yet been lifted on a global scale must know at least that they must not believe. They can look, they can question, no, they must question and take nothing at face value. Otherwise, they are allowing to be set-up for more experience. And man must exit the experiential referential to see reality without being affected psychologically. Therefore, all information that comes to him is potentially suspicious.

Again, if the information that filtered to humanity from the invisible really was for its sake, it would be free today. And never forget that love is ultimately to render free, absolutely. Something far from their agenda, and far from human sychological love patterns. That's a hint.
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