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Talking The Secret and Law of Attraction: How has it helped you?

My daughter's mom introduced me to the trailer to The Secret at the beginning of last year's NFL Football season. At the time, I was one of the world's biggest sports fanatics. I ordered the DVD and received it a few days later.

I bought into the LoA 100%. It just sounded right to me and gave me answers that religion never gave me. I asked the Universe for ideas on what direction to take and that was the point when I knew I tapped into something much larger than anything we can physically or tangibly imagine.

The Universe guided me into one direction. At the time, I was working as a Child & Family therapist for a company who was all about the money and not about their clients. I loved my job, but I didn't care for working for people like this.

Here is the progression I've gone through so far:

1. The Universe guided to to buying 4 letter dotcom sites. At the time, I knew nothing about creating websites or HTML coding. I originally bought some 4 letter dotcom sites to turn them into profit, but first I had to learn HTML to actually build the site I wanted to sell. This was an important step.

2. The Universe guided me into writing childrens books. I wrote two books for my daughter when she was little and came up with a creative way to sell them as e-books on a website I created. I wrote and illustrated the books and was about to send the first book to a publisher when the Universe gave me the next idea...

3. The Universe guided me to writing a book on common parenting issues. As a child & family therapist, I noticed a plethora of common parenting issues as evidenced by my clients. I wanted to share these woth other parents in a book, so I wrote a book and was ready to submit this book for publishing when the Universe changed my direction. I took my limited knowledge in HTML and built a website to support the book. It was at this point when I started my own business.

4. The Universe guided me to turning the book into a Human Services program to reach the largest amount of people who can use this information the most. At the end of July 2008, I received an International and US patent pending on this idea and have just started to implement the program in the U.S.

5. During this time period, I was guided to discovering the Mayan Calendar. I quickly became fascinated by it. After researching the calendar and seeing a kajillion sites that predicted doomsday in 2012, I decided to create a website that shows a positive view of 2012,

6. The Universe guided me to watching some incredible 2012 videos, which culminated into 2012 The Online Movie. I'm currently remaking this movie with the incredible support of the people who will be feautured in the movie such as David Wilcock, Alex Ansary, Richard C, Hoagland, Dannion Brinkley, Gregg Braden, etc. These people are real, down-to-earth soles who truly want the best for all of us. Just as with the first movie, this will also be a free online movie that really gives the true meaning of 2012. I hope to have this completed within the next couple months.

Allan, from Bridging Heaven & Earth, called me last week and was (and is) incredibly supportive of the new movie and stated I could use any of his clips from the interviews he's had with people like, Jose Arguelles, Sonia Chjoquette, etc... I mentioned that eventually, I'd like to start a truth TV station to which he guided me to a contact who is also interested in this idea. Who knows where the Universe will guide me on this idea, but I can't wait to find out!

There are many more things that the Universe has guided me to, but I think you get the idea with the above

Also, the LoA works in other areas of life, such as spirituality. There have been many unexplainable events that have happened to me, such as capturing an orb with a face in it on film while at the Boynton Canyon vortex in Sedona, AZ. All you have to do is to ask the Universe to show you everything it has to offer and it will... on it's timeline and when you're really ready to experience it.

The real secret behind the LoA is believing your end goals have already happened. All it took, for me, was the seed that the Universe planted in me when I asked it for ideas.

Also, at any point in time, if something happens that you didn't expect, it happened for a reason. Never look at an "obstacle" as an impediment. The Universe has it's own timeline and everything it does is in your best interest whether you think so or not.

By the way, after watching The Secret, that was the last week that I ever watched a full game of any sport, including the Super Bowl.

Have you used the LoA and if so, how has it helped you?
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