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Default What would you like to see manifesting in earths reallity?

The thing that drives progress is technology and spirituality, where you have no boundries. Everything that was built or done, always was though of first.
So my question is this:
What do you have in your mind that would bring real change?
Here are mine inventions or wish list

- free energy generator in every house in the world, I know that there might be one big enough to power earth, someone would have the power over it, so thanks I like it small :-)
- automatic sewing machine, scans your body, chose your fit, color, style, anything you want, supply the fibers and 30 sec later new pants, just like Versache, only mine are free
- no more roads, antigravity crafts or portals to go anywhere you want, preferably in your watch
- doctors that cure not sustain and damage
- permanent hair removal method, not the one you have to come back
- super teeth filler, one drilling is more then enough for lifetime for each tooth :-)

I think the first one is the most crucial, once there is free energy the sky is the limit.

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