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Default Re: Dreams that are not dreams...

A Childhood dream:

This one I had many many times. I had scanned through a website years ago where someone posted their dream... it was my dream, it really freaked me out.

The dream was of a man who came to get me in a little spaceship (Like the one in the painting, The Crucifixtion painted in 1350). He looked like a normal man that I recall and he took me to a big tower complex out in space that reminded me of The Jetsons. He took me to a toy store, there where many levels and catwalks and stairs. It was like a big shoping mall.
Suddenly the place begins to shake and fall apart, little furry creatures start chasing people all over, we just escape, then he brings me home.

I always felt it just a childish dream, but when someone else described the absolut same dream, that made me wonder how many others had a dream like that?
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