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Default "Illuminati and New World Order - Unfortunate Choice of Terms" by Wes Penre

From my friend, Bart's, research website into the realm we explore ourselves.
Wes Penre, creator of, discusses how researchers have, in his mind, been lead astray and confused on misidentifying the elite groups working to enslave humanity from behind the scenes as the "Illuminati".

For someone who not only has extensively researched, but whom has also had personal experiences in secret organizations, for Penre to come out and suggest this is actually quite interesting. And at the same time, there's something about it that rings true.

How easy it was for us to identify - and the the mainstream media and entertainment industry to expose - the Illuminati for the evil beings they were.

The Illuminati have been virtually served up on a silver platter, and the mainstream media and entertainment industry - those entities we understand all too well are still under the firm control of these ruling elite - have no problem discussing the Illuminati.

The masters of obfuscation and misdirection could - and would - easily perpetuate such confusion.

We (the researchers) have been confused as to why Hollywood and the mainstream media would use the term "Illuminati" so openly, and everything that goes along with it, given that it would appear that the criminals outing themselves.
Continued below after the link. Please check Bart's other articles too. They are very good and help ad another perspectives to things.
Bill "the Doctor"
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