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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Thank you for your sharing Nagual.

Introspection and Self-observation


The system we are currently in tries to maintain our focus outside ourselves. For the ones in control of this system of manipulation, looking anywhere but within is good. In order to get in contact with the divinity who dwells in our heart, we need to calm down our mind and make peace with many little wars very active in it. There is a door leading to the crossroad of the worlds inside of us. It is where our soul connect to our body.

Avalon can be a place of sharing information, experience and more, but can turn into a distraction when your thoughts are locked into discussions. Especially when you are not here, but your thoughts are still locked here.

Introspection is impossible when your thoughts and emotions are in control. Your spirit/soul has to be in control, not your emotions, nor your thoughts. Do you think what you want to think? Do you feel what you want to feel? What is your focus? You can't control everything, but what you can do, do it.

Introspection and focus is not only meditation. Meditation is not enough if you loose your focus while your busy in your day-to-day affairs. A maintained focus stay at the back of your mind while you are busy doing something else. It is like a permanent thought/feeling being present that keeps you connected to the moment. A certitude that your desire will manifest.

Self observation:

Developing the ability to observe yourself is very important in order to awake at who you are. It is like having eyes floating above yourself that gives you another point of view. Listen to the words you say in a conversation. Look at the attitude you have in a given situation. Observe the feeling evoked when you are in a reaction state. What are your main thoughts? Is your focus actually what you really want? Or does it need to be refocused on something new?

Being aware of yourself helps to awake. Being conscious of something we want to change is the beginning of the end to this problem. But the first step is being aware of it. Self observation is also the way you can see how the Universal Laws are acting in your unfolding reality called, your life. Many do not believe in the Universal Laws simply because they do not observe them into their life. When you begin observing, knowing where to look at, you see them at work in large scale as in small scale realities.

Many conflicts between people gets emotively charge because of a lack of awareness. Then insults may appear. And the Universal Laws drags more insult. The way you treat others send a clear message to the Universe about the way you accept to be treated. If you insult someone, this insult will come back to you. Be aware of it and stop the negative process before it gets dangerous. The way we treat others, including animals, is the way we accept to be treated according to the Universal Laws (Resonance)... The Universal Laws does not analyze who is the responsible behind a murder. The murderer will simply attract more experience of this kind into his life, no matter if he is not the one who pays for the murder. The one who stay behind the doors and give order may alleviate is act because he dilutes the responsibility onto others faith. This is well known by the controllers. They will never engage directly. But will order someone to give someone else an order to someone else until you get the dirty work done. So there is a whole chain of people taking responsibility along the way before the crime is done. This way, they cover themselves by paying others to take the direct responsibility of the crime.

I know many of you already know this, but its always good to get back into it. Consciousness is the base of all realities... Take care of who you are... Don't be a repeater...

Namaste, Steven

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