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"we set our lives to music"
White lotus star

but is something,
i really appreciate,
and, love it, a lot more

art is, the real eXpression
of how one moves with their essence,
their own, and, sometimes,
the essences of a task companions,
who shows up, right out of the ethers,
and, separate, or all together,
through all the assortment of mediums,
that are present,
they are added, blended, and, move together,
and, when they finally come to arrrange themselves,
on what was, originally,
nothing more, than, a blank canvas/or slate,
whatever was not,
in the beginning,
all comes together, in the end ...
the alpha creates the omega

there is nothing more fascinating,
than watching an aritisan create,
and, then, looking at a painting,
and, wondering,
just what went through the mind
and heart of all of its creators

so, much more than just a simple stroke
this painting up of the world,
with your assortment of eXpressions
is what makes,
the reflection of your inside worlds
cascade to the outside,
and, the shining you put out to the rest of us,
is the gift of a presence,
that is ageless, and, timeless,
and, lasts for an eternity
for to do that, is to create a master_piece,
with all the assortment of pieces you can gather ...
bringing them all in, and, creating a wholeness that lasts

be a piece of peace
brightest blessings
susan ~ white lotus star
the eXchanger

(reminds me of something i channeled one night,
for a man, who is a famous artist, in the UK,
who orig. painted shepherds of arcadia)
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