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Default Re: How Reptillian Eyes Work

It's funny you should mention the DOW, they are referred to as 'the Bio mechanical Messiahs, alot shorter than the short nose grey, again like my guides these are not 'pinky pinky' Pink grays that look like shriveled pigs in suits, no these are real Bio mechanics, I believe this is where the cybernetics came from. the union that was setup in the 1950s was between the US Government and the DOW, they called it the Tri-Lateral union, hence the three triangles on the DOW uniforms.

But from reports these guys are nasty, they broke the treaty and formed an alliance with the Orion group, calling humans weak, they like most grays wanted us to help with their breeding programs but they think were inferior and not worth breeding with.

And I have tons of info
35 CD's of data and one tissue sample.
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