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Default Re: Health secrets of the Hunzas

nice post again ,thank you ,
I am english but married to an indian ,we often go to india and meet with the yogi which is my doctor ,he has talked about these people
he has taught me many things in which I practice in my daily life ,I will list a few ,but he treats cancer on a daily basis and eliminates in just over a week ,
and charges very little ,
He goes to this place to get fresh supplys of medicines from the earth ,
if it benifits any one this is what he has told me to do in my life in the west ,
drink one gallon of fresh clean water for one stone of weight per day
eat only with your hands and use the palms which have the essential oils for digestion
never drink while eating ,the impact is to hard for digestion
have haldi on a daily bases ie turmeric ,half spoon in a cup of water
eat lentils at least 8' times a week with over cooked rice and soak the rice after washing and drink the juice to keep kidneys clean ,
drink water 15 TO 30mins after eating not before ,no coffee no tea no sugar if having meat but not reccomended in the west ,only ONCE a month ,add a little rock salt to water ,onion juice for pain, radish juice for stones, oh and garlic daily at the least one clove ,build up slowly ,sucked metals out of the liver ,natural yogurt for intestinal flora ,tamerine very good for health

hope this was not to off topic ,forgive me if so ,

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