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Well well GaiaLove, its about time you said something. I understand and relate to your perspective as well. First, the Thuban/Abrax situation happened, yes alot of people spoke up and wanted answers. I would agree, if you would have trusted your opinion to disclose the truth the next day... none of this would have happened. But the core of the issue right now rests on the fact that, people are ticked off, because they are not being allowed to speak freely. Yes we can agree or disagree on anything, it happens. But where is the free speech, open mindedness, justice, respect. People have been banned or put in the mists' for speaking up.
I understand about the attacks on PC/PA Bill & Kerry etc. We as a family are strong enough to unite and fight off whatever comes our way. We can't do that when all are divided and the ship falling apart due to mistrust and loss of freedom. Have some faith in us too.

I leave you this from the PA Round table pledge list:

• We stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out... no matter how radical those ideas may seem.
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