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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Sincronicity is amazing isn't it?
Thank you for sharing...
Wonderful story and no we are not loosing our minds... its all real and we are begining to have glimpses of our true origins and families...

I already posted the link on this blog and I think you should watch the video on Arcturians it may have an effect on you
Arcturians are of the color violet...the home world is... well... please watch the following video and please come back to tell me what you think...
the colors reflect more of the Ultra violet side of our light spectrum... I wonder if that is what you meant...
Silvery suits.. seemingly alive and so vibrant... sounds familiar too... did you by any chance see and insigna on the suit
I've also seen mine wear different "outfits" one of which is a cloack with hood Beautifull...

Originally Posted by Zeddo View Post
Hi Purpledove

Thanks for this post, so much of it is just far too synchronistic for me to ignore it.

Your name , Purpledove, the video you posted all titles in purple, the childs eyes....purple. A lot of what has been said in responses here about the dreams not being dreams and more besides. All of this tells me that no, I'm not a nut case as I might otherwise have presumed!

The colour purple. Please note, the following was not a dream, I was in meditative trance when this happened.
I found myself in a place which defies description. It was a "ship" but it was not. This vessel was a living entity, it was not cold steel. The interior was dark to my eyes but effused a purple light. The people that were with me were family, in every sense of the word, they were so close to me and the love that was emanating from them was palpable. I knew I had been with these people for millenia and that they were whom I belonged with. They were tall beings and the "room" we were in pulsed violet (purple) as if it were a living thing and not just a colour. As I say I just have no way of describing this experience but it is still with me and I still feel the presence of the "family" I met there.
Their clothing. This was something I had never imagined could be real and yet as a youngster I always wondered why we couldn't have clothes that were a living thing and that were a part of us. That is what their clothes were, they shimmered with life, a metallic silvery substance. They were cloak like and appeared to vibrate with some resonance forming an energy field around the wearer.
I was suddenly in a place that was so alien to me as a human and yet I knew this place to be home. It would appear that the "ship" was a portal to this place. Once again, the colour purple (violet, mauve) was predominant and once again it was more of an energy than merely a colour. Where I stood offered a vista of a landscape so incredible I do it an injustice to try to describe it. Let me put it this way, take the Rockies, change the colours and replace the trees with crystalline growth, all effusing this same purple. I think 2 suns, and a peace and tranquility that was so vast as to make you ache. I really did not want to come back here and on a daily basis wish I was back with these people.

Now, I have no idea who they are, where this place is, what they are or anything like that. All I know is that this was a very very real experience and this is where I will be returning when I am done here and you bet I am looking forward to returning "home".



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