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Default Re: MANIFESTATION Meditation Frequencies

I joined the yahoo group and was referred to the webpage for the "company" don't see anywhere there's an actual research project going on. I do see where testimonials are being requested for the use of the product (maybe that's the research). I do see where you can get free 20 second "low granularity" demos, but the longer versions, 5-10 minutes, are for sale. Also, the newer "experimental" frequencies are apparently available for free, but you are requested to do a testimonial. I also acknowledge that I only did a cursory review of the site, and did not follow the second link.

If you're interested in this technology, it looks like it might be interesting to try. However, it seems to me like it's a sales pitch rather than an actual research project - and to "advertise" as "free" is a misnomer.

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