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Default Re: OCT 7th(ish) - More confirmation that we should PREPARE

We just got over a gas shortage in my area of the US (Southeast). There was actually plenty of gas for everyone (although less than normal), but people panicked and starting hoarding it, which created a problem that really wasn't there.

My point is that saying the world is going to end and pulling all your money out of the banks and buying enough can food for the next 3 years is making things WORSE.

These actions are born out of a "me first, screw you" mentality. We are worried only about ourselves, and so create suffering for many others. This is the exact same mentality that fuels the Illuminati, etc. This is the mentality that their system is based on, and what sustains it.

Please, can we all stop being afraid of all this? If no one panicked, and no one tried to hoard all the money/gas/food, and we all stayed calm and helped one another, this "collapse" would never happen

We are creating the thing we fear. Just please stop, take a deep breath, and let go of all this nonsense. It is not going to help anyone, including you!
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