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Default Re: OCT 7th(ish) - More confirmation that we should PREPARE

What a wild ride watching the markets contort today. All could go down tomorrow, or it could take a couple of months, but I feel it is starting to unravel quickly. I was just at the grocery, and there were some people lined up with loads of canned food, and said they were worried about the economy.My usual online source is backed up about three weeks on some items. But, no one at the liquor store at all???? I am close to being done with supplies, but this has taken a year and a half a little at a time. Be sure you speak to your doc about medications, and get three months in advance Prepare people, if nothing happens you will eat well for a while. For those with small budgets, you can buy the absolute essentials but don't forget comfort food: chocolate will be a great barter!!!

Peace and be safe all. Remember, what does not work has to fall before we can rebuild something much much better.
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