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Question UFO Sighting over Phoenix, 04-07-2010 around 10pm

Does anyone here live around the Phoenix area?

Last night, myself and 8 friends all saw something very strange fly across the sky. I'm really wondering if anyone else saw this. I'll do my best to describe it here.

There were 4 lights, each at a point of a rectangle shape. Now, there was NOT a rectangular shaped craft, as the sky did not black out or cover stars as this went past. I believe it was 4 separate craft, flying in formation, in a rectangular shape. We saw it travel roughly from the north to the west. I know they weren't planes because they did not have red and blue lights. The white lights we saw were not flashing in a steady pulse, like commercial aircraft usually do. I'm not saying this was of alien origin, but it was definitely a flying object none of us could identify. Probably 4 separate craft.

As it flew to the west, the lights moved in a kind of jagged manner. It seemed almost like they would randomly dart out to different spots in the sky, and later reappear in a completely different spot. It's VERY hard to describe what we saw. I'm glad I had so many people there to see it also. I watch the skies constantly when I go outside. I've never seen craft fly in a formation like that. There was no sound either. I'm just now realizing that. No sonic booms, like you usually get with planes. They didn't seem to be travelling at an irregular speed, however as I said, their random and jagged behavior were quite an anomaly to behold.

So, did anyone else happen to catch this? I live in Mesa, so anyone in the surrounding cities could have seen it too, probably all the way out to Phoenix. I'm anxious to see any feedback. Especially since the forum is closing tomorrow, and I've not been invited to the new one
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