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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by ufohunterusa View Post
Thanks for sharing. Did James Casbolt allow you to write in this thread under his name to add to his credibility? What did Casbolt say to you to write/not to write? I am aware that you are a good witness to collaborate what Casbolt has experienced (ie your light in the shy at night recent post). We appreciate this.

How long have you known Casbolt and how often to you spend time with him these days?
Hi ufohunternsa

James Casbolt here. I can tell you how often I spend time with Jan these days. I'm at his house in Carbis Bay now ( just outside of St Ives ). Massive activity near and outside his house Jan's house. I've just walked from my flat in St Ives and this is what happened-

Outside Portminster hotel, a HM coastguard vehicle drove past me. Then another car pulled up next to me, I see a blond woman cross the road holding a flashing blue in her right hand and holding it above her head. She walks towards me and I step out infront of her to block her path. She looks sacred and walks off.
I walk up the road towards the trees near tesco's, I then see a some kind of silent military plane coming over the trees, over my head. I see another aircraft flying strait towards it on some kind of collision course ( this is almost identical to the situation that happened with the two aircraft over Jans mothers house last year, I posted this event just after it happened- US Air Force Space Command- I know for a fact because Jan and I outside his mothers on Draycott Terrace and we ended up on board- regression revealed ). So this time the two aircraft were about to collide but didn't actally touch like lasttime. The second aircraft was TINY, like one or two man DRAGONEYE craft.
I walked on after they passed over me and came outside Jans house. Another car then pulled over across the street, half on the pavement and two people inside just sat there.
Going to need some regression on this one!
Now Jan and I are at the computer together talking to you good people!
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