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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

We are god
God is consciousness

Lets go to the beginning, when consciousness, god, us, thought of creation (a game on which to observe itís being) an expression of itís self into form. Now as a complete whole full being this would only be possible to chores, a split a division but yet still remaining as one so there is now 2 parts of the same consciousness deeply connected as one but with twin selfís. One would be the observer of all expression of form and one would act as complete living experiences of form, and maker of creation for the observer, but still keeping the connection of whole so no action or thought is separate. But the part of oneness which became form, also created fear from the thought of not being whole remember the start was made by thought thatís how all creation is brought into from. So now we have a form (expression) of fear, and a form (expression) of consciousness. The conscious observer is still in the none vibrational existence stillness .the other part of consciousness is in form in the vibrational game which has been designed for expression of self & observation of expression/creation. The form of fear has in cased the very thing that created it in a prison, feeding of the fear of separation, again thought from consciousness in form. From there we have a world which is based on negative vibrations on which fear (the creation of are own mindís) is feeding. We are all consciousness so in turn we are all god, oneness and we all create. Everything around us is extensions of are thoughts, this is the world we have created... I would say in simple terms that all is how itís supposed to be, the game is designed in infinite perfection. Problems are only and extension of the thought of being separate which in turn cerateís fear and that can be change as quick as a believe. Many believe the game can not carry on, because of the way itís designed with the vibrational realty. They think that we have to go back to the source become a complete being again disconnect from this realty completely. Well I beg to defer oneness dose not make mistakes itís all just and experience (game), we are in complete control. Here is a thought for you for an atom to exist it need to oscillate between to points, with out one of the pointís it could not exist & as we no atoms are the building blocks of the vibrational world. Well ,thought creates the vibrational pointís by thinking of one or the other i.e. hate, love , good , bad , disease , health ,death ,alive and many more thoughtís that are based on fear or are the opposite of remember one could not exist with out the other so when you feed one you feed the other .so this is why some people believe that the only solution is to end the game and quit . But there are also many thoughts that have an opposite that are not fear based (as long as we know that we are all one, the creation is an illusion of vibrations & frequencies) & well match the fabric of creation i.e. yin , yang ,black ,white ,warm ,cold .there are many more but what I am trying to say if we create this so called realty just eliminate the fear of being separate or ill or any of the above negative thoughts understand we can & do create are realtyís .remember your power to create a paradise!

just few words to help every one deal with things and understand a little more when live feels at its worst remmber who you are and what we are all my love to every being
sorry about spelling again
jan rodrigo
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

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