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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Hi my name Is Jan Rodrigo I am a long time friend of James Casbolt who has kindly said I could use he’s account. Thanks mate

Over the years I and James have had countless experiences. But recent events and memories have come to light in my life. Which has made me decide to post the information on this forum to tire and get some answers .I and James were out walking around mans head a place non to both of us as an active area in st.ives Cornwall England it was pitch black and hard to see as we approached are destination there was a strange flash of light which light up all of the surrounding area first I thought it was car head lights but when I look around there was no cars around. Then when we look up in the sky there was two flying objects which were very close and extremely quiet differently not a plane or helicopter or nothing that is in public knowledge it did not feel like I had any missing time it just seemed very strange were this flash of light had come from, the ships were only in the area for about a minute or too and I just put it down to anther wearied scenario. About two days after the event me and James were both talking and I decided to tire and remember if any thing had happened, as I was meditating on the events of the evening I remembered a uniform but it was not clear this uniform the only thing that was clear was a logo on the chest areas I started to draw the logo on some paper when I had finished I ask James if he had ever seen this logo before and to my surprise it was the logo of US AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND I was in shock knowing iv never seen this logo before and my memory is so bad that for me to no this logo would have had to study it. How could I no this? Then I had a Picher in my head of a plane and I new the name I draw I perfect Picher of the plane [which I think I had seen once when I was a kid] the name was a black bird plane and as I had said before my memory is not great by any standard unless iv study something. The diagram of the plane was perfect if I had a Picher in front of me I could not do better. Since me and James were kids we have had lots of contact over the years with strange objects and other things, but for me it’s my first I could remember some thing and then for it to be clarified. I would be great full if any one could help me with any information I am having people check to see if I have any files but if any one no’s any thing it would be very helpful thanks to all

sorry about the spelling and grammer
Jan Rodrigo
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