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Default Re: New Bill Ryan Video On Youtube

If I were in Bill's place, and I had been contacted by an individual that seemed credible and presented potentially real and important information, any person in the position would logically have two choices; either keep the information secret (which mirrors the Illuminati secrecy behavior that we are all against), or let out the information in hopes that this decision is for the better, whether the information is true or not is beside the point.

What we can surmise is that although there are good reasons to doubt and assume a healthy skeptical position regarding the material, it's for the better that it gets released and that is precisely the case here, Bill even did a video to clarify as best he could his own opinion on this information and might I add; he did very professional work with that video and is to be commended.

Ultimately it is the entire human collective itself that shapes the course of our civilization, and no matter the potentially diabolical plans of a few, it is our collective consciousness and the entire populace that really make things happen in the world. The Illuminati are part of this matrix just like we are, they're only hope is that we comply with their control techniques, but fortunately there is an awakening going on this planet, people all over the world are realizing these things. I don't think we can call it 'ascension', it's just, regressing to our real and 'normal' selves, the way we were always meant to be.

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