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Default Re: Two versions of reality ?

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
What are the two versions of reality ?

What made them collide ? and why ?

The most annoying answer I have ever received is
"service for self" and "service for others" being the two forces or realities.

I am in service for no one. I am free.

They have to collide or we cannot have the new paradigm.

There (perhaps the black forest) is a lake and the wind cascades, tunnelling through mighty trees and in that sway and wane is a feint sound, a kind of whistling and we are all there in that moment - the beam of light strikes the tight skin drum in which the animal still hides.

Sometimes in another place by a river in the long grass I am bitten by a snake and as much as I look I cannot see it...The garden can never be the same after that.... and so we are all marked.

You know the way to the house of your friend before he even lives there.


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