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Default Re: New Bill Ryan Video On Youtube

Interesting info on the British Establishment, a thoroughly corrupt edifice of power in the network and web of deceit that interlinks with the global power structure of the Illuminati secret rulers.

To think that we are due to have a 'General Election' in the UK sometime in the next few months. What a ridiculous sham. This is where one pack of two-faced lying jackals (Conservatives) under the control of the Rothschild-Bilderberg power elite will replace the current pack of two-faced lying jackals (New Labour) under the control of the Rothschild-Bilderberg power elite and take their place in the UK parliament as…get this…the 'British government'. The election and outcome being primarily determined by the opinion-shaping influence of the corporate media under the control of…yup, you got it…the Rothschild-Bilderberg power elite. Did someone say 'democratic choice'? I doubt they could even spell it! And they have the nerve to say we live in a 'democracy'. You couldn't make it up.

The Reality: The old Left-Right political paradigm is a stage-managed, hypocritical distraction to keep the people trapped in the matrix/illusion that they have a 'choice' when it comes to who governs their country. When as we well know the real power governs from the shadows and never puts itself on show. That’s where the sock-puppet politicians come in. Their phoney political debates merely reinforce the illusion in the minds of the people. What people are unaware of when they vote is that they are voting for the enslavement not only of themselves and their nation but ultimately their children's future in a Neo-feudal Global Corporate Fascist State under the dominance of a cabal of unelected financial despots with a cruel and vicious lust for power that would make the mass murderers Stalin and Chairman Mao and the entire communist secret police apparatus look like shrinking violets and the epitome of innocent choir boys.

The solution: Don’t vote in sham elections! Take back YOUR power, build a grassroots movement for a new and better future for all. Positive thought and ACTION for radical transformation and change on the planet.
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