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Default Re: New Bill Ryan Video On Youtube

I like Kerry and Bill so much and had such great hopes for this site but when it comes to laying out the facts, they are not my go to people. We have no sources to check, no way to verify. (If Richard Dolan, as an example, had put this video out I would be at attention.) We do have Bill's word which I am sure is sincere, but Bill wasn't there at the meeting. So everything is hearsay and completely unreliable.

A distinguished Brit was accidently at the meeting of super elite people who apparently didn't care that he was there. He was able to wander freely from group to group. Each group was discussing this high level plan. The elitists did not mind an outsider joining in to listen.

This gentleman came away from the meeting with very well organized and comprehensive notes, however, he did nothing for around 5 years. Then he decided to call Bill Ryan.

Bill checked him out as best he could, but, alas, not too much checking could be done. However, Bill thinks the world of this man. Enough to make a video of himself urging us to check this info out further. Unfortunately there is no practical way to do so.

I have actually heard all this before as I'm sure most people reading this have. There is nothing much new here but how much is disinfo is impossible to know. The SARS virus did target the Chinese, but that didn't go anywhere. I'm a mamber of the "duck and cover" generation, so the threat of nuclear war has been around since I was a child. Big deal.

The one thing this info does is focus us once again on a totally frightening future that probably won't happen. Go Bill Deagle. Of course, if we all focus on The Anglo Saxon Mission, we could create these plans ourselves. I wonder if the elitists have thought of this?

In short, could Bill be fooled? I dunno, but I'm not real interested in being fooled again.
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