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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

Originally Posted by ascendedmaster View Post
He is a pisces and pisces can very much be spiritual people half spirit half human, but pisces can also be pathological liers. (mod changed quote to reflect clarification)
I've studied astrology for over fifteen years, and I have NEVER heard that Pisceans are known to be pathological liars. As a Pisces myself, I kinda take offense to that - especially considering I never lie (it's a waste of time and energy, and why should I be embarrassed or whatever to tell the truth? If people have a problem with what I think or have done, that's their problem, you know?) and have gone outta my way to be honest with others, no matter the outcome. So it's pretty well an unfair statement. (It's like saying it's known that all Scorpions are sex-obsessed or all Virgos are known to be uncomfortable with sex, both of which aren't true in every case.)

This is a pure example of synchronicity. I'm sure we have ALL had strange phenomena happen in our personal lives - like this story about David in a restaurant and meeting his "Daniel". I believe this is HIGHLY possible, as I've experienced strange things myself in my life that seem to occur outta the blue. When you're on a quest for truth, sometimes the answers just pop right out at you at the EXACT time you need them. (Read or watch "The Celestine Prophecy" for a brilliant example of this.)


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