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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

we are all prophets! we are all divine beings, gods, if you will. beautiful creators we are. we all speak our truth with every word uttered, as that is the perception we have at that moment in time. all of our perceptions change as we evolve into higher awareness of self.

so, really, everything anyone is saying, is truth, but that level of truth will grow, unless of course you are really attached to that ONE truth.

i really enjoy david's work and he seems to be working from a service to others place, and i am cool with that.

this whole discussion about the impeccability of whistle blowers has been ongoing in regards to PC, and of course PA, especially. and since they are at the top of this little pyramid of info, all you have to do is look on the PC home page to read their thoughts on several whistle blowers. so, all i am saying, is that this kind of judgement, could be cleaned up, energetically, right here and now. cultivating a solid discernment within ourselves, is key to taking the next step.

we are all valuable to the whole. there is a reason there is so much consciousness incarnated in bodies at this time, we need each other to make the shift. whatever role we are playing can change in an instant, but is vital to the whole process. i do hope that 2010 will lead us to a gentle warrior perception of our reality. where force is laid to rest, and inner power rules the day.
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