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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

its like i remember him telling a story about when he was sitting at a table in a resturaunt reading a book on montauk and out of no where some guy come up to him and starts to tell him how he was there and goes on to tell him all about it, or he talks about his inside source "daniel" I mean should we really believe him when there is no proof to this we are just supposed to take his word on it. I mean sure how can people just come out and blatenly lie about something like that, that would be even more ridiculous than the story sounds, but people do do this. He is a pisces and pisces can very much be spiritual people half spirit half human, but pisces can sometimes be pathological liers. Sure his astrology chart is close to edgar caseys but as i discovered mine turns out to be very close to john lennons still though i dont think i have half the talent he had(well it might be generous to say half :-)

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