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Default Re: Meditation Experience

Nice thing about meditation and spiritual experiences is that there are NO RULES. It's different for everybody. Meditation to me just means moving into the Now, Being conscious. What are we being shown? Our breath? Our thoughts? A vision perhaps? Whatever it is, being conscious Now is meditation for me.

Sure this sounds legit, a vision, a prophecy perhaps. However, know that no prophecy is set in stone. Free Will is the key ingredient, not just yours, but where the game goes in general too from what I understand.

So if you were shown a prophecy, it would be a 'likely' outcome, but not a for sure one... things can change... so it's up to you I guess to stay on your life plan and that will probably be the outcome.. if it's a prophecy...

Nothing is written in stone... old beliefs and ideas are replaced by higher ones, newer ones, attachments to beliefs and ideas cause suffering, so for me, it's just about going with the flow, the River of Life...

Keep up the great work, you have a talent ~ Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall BE given, those who multiply their talents will have their talents multiplied, explore your gifts!
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