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Default Re: A Simple Plan For Our Avalon Family (please read)

I agree in totality with what everyone has said so far..

I for one feel wonderful about what we have already discussed in such a short ammount of time.

I agree with posting here first our OFFICIAL version of the paper/article so we can all make copies.

From those copies we can give them out to News Paper orginizations...

prehaps a quick visit to kinkos or another place where you can make hundreds of copies for cheap would work too. because then we could make postings at food stores, gas stations, etc.

Hand them out to people.

Get the word out.

I am going to make an e-mail address and an MSN or YAHOO instant messenger account.

In the actuall MSN and YAHOO which ever one I choose. I will start giving out the password for the e-mail account.

Any information we gather on the Fed can be e-mailed into that account and we can each take turns and read.... in the Subject line please put what your e-mail will be about and we can go from there.

Again the more organized we are the better.

lets try and not flood this thread with infor regarding the Fed, but let the flooding come in through the e-mail, which you will all get the password for.

I'll post once I have this completed, may be tomorrow or the next day...

in the mean time, does anyone know where we can go to chat? Not sure if Yahoo or MSN offers a chat option.
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