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Post Re: A Simple Plan For Our Avalon Family (please read)

My girlfriend is the editor of 7 local newspapers on Long Island, New York.......... The question is where do we start? I truthfully believe that getting the truth out about 9-11 may be the only way. If those of us who are "awake" got firefighters and police officers on our side, on a national level, real change might just happen. Imagine the rage and anger of all those in civil service, when they found out that 9-11 was an inside job. Let me know if i could be of use, I will definitely get a well written, well planned article, printed in these papers. Great idea...........

ALSO: i agree with Puppet who says that we should focus on the FACTS. The history of the federal reserve is a great place to start. Woodrow Wilson's campaign being funded almost entirely by the Rothschild faction. His subsequent realization of the disaster he had allowed with the FED. The war of 1812, the Civil War, etc. The TRUTH shall set us free..........Live in Love/Light............


"out of MANY, we are ONE"

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