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Default Re: A Simple Plan For Our Avalon Family (please read)

We need to concentrate on the facts... not theories.... not random thoughts.

No talk of things that most would consider crazy

we need to make clear we intend no harmful action, but only wish to inform.

We are not trying to get out of paying taxes, etc.

We need to try and find flaws in what we say, because others will try.

Once we beleive it to be near perfect, then we publish.

lets Start posting points we would like in the article.

Some points I would like discussed:

*Where does the Federal Reserve come from?

*Who established it?

*Why is it bad?

*Why is the Gold and Silver standard better than credit?

We need to get more people involved.

if you have any friends on here tell them about this thread...

lets keep this thread alive!

Thank you all for your quick responses.
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