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Originally Posted by Vanlom View Post
id really like to go to the movie/ discussion of the zeitgeist addendum. id also like to get together with local so' cal people and talk around the campfire so to speak..
I'm in Escondido & I work in Vista. Folks are always welcome round my campfire. The only problem with that is that I rarely have weekends off. This week my days off are Tuesday and Saturday...and that will change next week. I hike every chance I get, either at Daley Ranch or around Lake Hodges or such, and I welcome companionship. I enjoy taking groups to Daley Ranch and the surrounding area, and pointing out the many standing stones that form a huge complex in North County. Feel free to PM me anytime you'd like to get together!

I also have not lost hope that we can form an actual Ground Crew in the area. I already meet with one group of folks in Vista who are pretty dedicated to sustainability and new paradigms. If some folks here decide they'd like to be part of such a group - meeting face-to-face instead of in cyberspace - I hope to be part of that.

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