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Default Re: San Diego County

Well. One response in two weeks.

I've been banging this drum since I arrived at the Forum. Initially there was a flurry of interest from folks in the area, which has since dropped off to zero. I understand: life in southern California is both seductive and labor-intensive.

However, world events will sweep over us whether or not our tan is perfect. I'm gonna keep this thread open and keep the call out for those who are awake enough to see the need for a network.

I know it can be done because I am part of a group that existed before Avalon. We are up to about twenty folks now, covering ages from 17 to 61. I've encouraged these folks to join Avalon and several have, but they tell me the Forum is a waste of time - all talkers and no doers. This is a face-to-face group, not connected by the Internet. It is NOT a circle of buddies; although many of us are close friends I barely know some of the others. We are focused on education and action in the here and now...real preparations, not just empty talk.

The opportunity for those in North County is just have to decide to stand up and do something.

What I'd like to see at the time is a social connection. I've proposed some hiking events simply because that's something I enjoy...there are many things we could do together. We should be aware of who in our area thinks along these lines..
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