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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

When is "disclosure", his return, this King of the universe, when is the return of Jesus?
When will that one thousand five hundred mile big Heavenly New Jerusalem show up?

True, it is written that we will not know at what time of the day, nor the day, that disclosure will
happen. As has been stated before in these threads about the bible, it will happen like a thief in the
night. It also says that it will be at a time when it is least expected.

We are also warned not to run here and there looking for anything. But it does say to look up and
see the signs, and to look around and see the "times" we are in. We are to know the "season" of
when it is immanent. Why else would anybody be searching as we all are?

Because we all know something is going to happen.
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