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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Fortunately the alterations never harmed the message.
"Second, if you see signs of the apocalypse coming out, it is because the controllers are following
it like a script."
Yes, that is because it is a script in many ways.
Thanks for your input.

As a CPA, you are aware of the manuals that it takes to study the tax codes for various financial
states of peoples resources, to ensure you provide them with accurate information. You lament
because they did not follow your suggestions to avoid this crises they now face. I too will lament
for those that do not make the connection about ET and the bible and to not look at it from any
religious point of view. This discussion is about that connection based on our ability to
technologically comprehend the bible. It is about the Government of the Galaxies, not religion or
religious views. It is also about advanced technology to restore ones health completely.

It is written that riches will be thrown in the streets when King Jesus comes.
I guess that treasure becomes trash then.
Thank you for your input.
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