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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

i have been a searcher all my life. i have studied the bible many times for different reasons. my personal opinion is that revelations is a story about the internal struggle we all face within our own soul. a battle between light and no light.

i do not think any of the enlightened ones who came came before us intended to start a religeon. jesus was in fact a devout jew. religeon was created after the fact by followers of the enlightened ones who presupposed the intentions of the enlightened ones.

If the bible, torah, book of the dead, etc give you peace then good for you. I have come to the conclusion that organized religeon is about control. i travel about and look at these magnificent buildings with 50 rooms built out of the finest quality materials available and wonder how many hungry people could have been fed instead. here is how I view religeon and it's role:

imagine you are a parent with 3 children and their chore is to alternate taking out the trash each day. child 1 loves to help with the household and takes pleasure in being productive and not only takes out the trash but cleans the can and puts in a new trash bag in it's place plus asks if they can do anything else to help. child 2 keeps postponing his time and usually tries to get on of the other 2 children to do it for him. if that doesn't work, you as the parent threaten to take away his privildges and ground him if he doesn't take out the trash. after him-hawing around and stomping his feat, he eventually takes out the trash but that is all he does, nothing else. child 3 refuses to do any chores so you exclude him from family activities & ground him to his room as punishment.

child 1 and child 2 both did their chores. the trash got taken out in both cases however as a parent, which would you feel better about, the 1 that willingly did the deed or the 1 that you had to coerce & threaten?

to me, child 1 is the spiritual one that doesn't need a higher authority to threaten them into doing the right thing. child 2 is the church goer that attends on sunday to feel good about his self and then screws his neighbor on monday. child 3 just screws his neighbor anyway, but he doesn't try to make you think he is somebody that he is not.

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