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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
Yes, she is quite the gal, well, she puts up with me anyway.

Her allergy to BS helps alot in our research.
Yes, I FULLY understand your first statement Norval.
(and the second one too...hehe)

What little I know of your lovely Bride is this: She 'salts' her words.
She speaks when she has something to say. I admire people that can do that.
This tells me Bobbi is thinking before leaping.
To find a spouse that 'works with you' is rare indeed.
Love is Work. No getting around that. It took me most of my 25+ years married to Mrs Dood to finally understand/grok that.

Now that doesn't mean Mrs Dood does not call ME out on my BS. haha!
However, we have learned to love one another even with our differences.
Learning to love is a major key in a relationship.
(communication is #1 in my book)
When I got married so many years ago I realize now that I was pretty clueless on what love really is....

I am still learning...

I apologize for going a tad off-topic Norval.
I know you do not care for that.
I felt it was necessary to share my thoughts openly with you and other members here...please forgive me.
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