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Default Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Hello Frank. My wife just shared with me that she had a 'spiritual experience' and she thinks it was triggered by the solfeggio frequencies.

Few months ago, she told me it was a long time since she had her last 'spiritual experience'. She used to have several during a year, but since our child are running around, she haven't had any. Busy mom I guessed.

So, a couple days ago, I was out at work and she was relaxing while the kids were sleeping. At the background, the 741Hz was playing with binaural beats. It was a little louder then it used to be and she was listening them.

After a couple minutes, the frequencies were different, she was clearly hearing music, divine music she says, with high pitch voices and child laughing. She closed her eyes and began to see images of a world of crystal. All was made out of crystal, even the poeple.

After a couple minutes, she came back to Earth . She was in a very profound peace. That is why she thought it was not coincidence, or vivid dream, but a real mystical experience triggered by the solfeggio frequencies. She felt it was her oversoul who came to make her remember how cherish she was...

Namaste, Steven
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